A fort of northern experiences

A fire burns in the heart of our restaurant, and ice glistens at the core of our hotel – Luvattumaa offers excitement for all senses by the river Ounasjoki in Levi, Lapland, Finland.

We make memories for a lifetime. Spend a night in our Ice hotel and marvel at the detailed sculptures of the ice gallery, enjoy local Lappish food from surrounding nature and hear fascinating stories of life here in the north.

Our traditional wood-burning sauna on the riverbank nurses the body and soul with its gentle heat.

Feel the relaxing rhythm of Lapland with us. Under the starry sky and the Northern Lights, you’ll become a part of our living story.

Family business with heart

Luvattumaa is the brainchild of local couple Lea and Pekka Jussila. Lea, an experienced tourism professional, handles the restaurant and accommodation side of the business.

On her free time Lea loves to hike in nature in pursuit of fresh ingredients for the Luvattumaa Lappish Restaurant. Always enthusiastic and ready to help, Lea puts her heart and soul into Luvattumaa.

Husband Pekka is a carpenter and musician. Besides having built the permanent constructions on the Luvattumaa grounds, Pekka has become a skilled ice builder and sculptor, putting his expertise into effect in creating the impressive ice world that Luvattumaa is known for today.

Pekka’s musical performances have become a popular attraction in Luvattumaa. The jack-of-all-trades can be booked to perform, or he might just sporadically grab his guitar and entertain customers with a song.

Nature is a resource we cherish

Luvattumaa is committed to respecting nature and the environment. They are our greatest resources, and saving energy, sorting waste and recycling are intrinsic in our daily routines.

Locally produced food and pure ingredients straight from nature are the building blocks of our restaurant. We expect environmental responsibility from our suppliers.

We create nature-based activity programmes and are part of the TAIKE project developing sustainable travel products.

Focus on quality products and services

The quality of our products and services – and constantly improving them – is of primary importance to Luvattumaa.

We measure customer and staff satisfaction annually and develop our methods based on the results and feedback.

We want to create a homely atmosphere for both our customers and staff. We’re a company deeply rooted in Lapland, with openness and honesty as defining characteristics.