Privacy Policy

This Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery’s customer register and privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data to provide services to our customers as well as the management and maintenance of customer relations.

This policy concerns the processing and handling of the personal data and is applied to data in the Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery’s’ customer register.

The policy explains for how Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery processes personal data, how and why this information is collected and how long the collected information is being stored.

Why do we collect personal data?

We only collect and process personal information that is necessary for our business, customer relationship management and maintenance. In addition, with the consent of the customer, the information may also be used for marketing purposes. Furthermore, the authorities mandate us to maintain a passenger record and provide the information to Statistics Finland, so they can construct accommodation statistics. In these statistics, customers are not identified; the statistics indicate how many customers, for example, have stayed in the Kittilä municipality and where they originate.


What data is being collected?

The customer register consists mainly of the personal information of our customers; name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, citizenship, customer group, the length of the accommodation period and other information related to maintaining customer relations. In addition, the register includes billing information such as e-invoicing addresses. Additionally, during their stay the guest must fill in a passenger card, which is stored for public authorities according to regulations and legislation.

We store the customer data in the register for three years after the last contact with us. However, the information will not be deleted if any authority has initiated a process where the information is required or has otherwise ordered the data to be stored. In addition, if a customer has granted a marketing permit, their data will be stored for as long as the marketing permit is active.


How is the data collected?

Majority of the data in the customer register is collected directly from the customers themselves. We collect and process information that the customer has given us while making a reservation, asking for an offer, or otherwise contacting the sales office of the Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery.

Some of the data is delivered for us via other sources, which are our alternative booking channels Levi Tourist Office Ltd and For reservations made via these channels, only a part of the personal data will be transferred to our register. In addition, on reservations made via, we get the credit card details which the customer has provided to We handle the credit card details with a special care, since the misuse could lead to major risks for the customers.

Levi Tourist Office Ltd and have their own privacy policies which are available here:

Levi Tourist Office Ltd


Who has access to the data?

Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery uses the personal data only for customer communication, reservation management, and marketing if the customer has granted a marketing permit. Data is managed through an electronic service provider in a system where each user has personal user IDs and passwords. The data is only processed by people whose position essentially requires the processing of this information. No third parties have access to the database and the data is not outsourced to third parties. An exception to this is services provided in co-operation with service providers such as activities and other reservations. Regarding the management of these reservations, we will provide our partners only the necessary customer contact information. This means they can not use the information for their own purposes.

In addition, based on legally valid information requests the data can be disclosed to the authorities, if an authority requires us to release information contained in the database. Legislation also requires us to provide the passenger record to Statistics Finland to help them construct accommodation statistics.


Your rights

Customers in the customer register have the right to check the information about them in the register, to request correction, supplementation or deletion, and to prohibit or permit processing of their data for marketing purposes.

The request for inspection must be sent to Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery’s contact person regarding the processing of personal data, either via email or mail to the address Akantie 180, 99130 Sirkka. The request for inspection must be signed and accompanied with a copy of an ID with a picture.

Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery
Akantie 180, 99130 Sirkka
VAT ID: 1243681-3

The data is not transmitted outside the EU or EEA.



We are constantly striving to improve our business and our practices to a better direction, which may also affect the content in this policy. In addition, the updates can also be an effect of changes in legislation.

Please check this policy regularly.

This privacy policy has been updated 18.3.2019.