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Each year, on the banks of Ounajoki river, Levi Ice Gallery is built anew . We highly recommend exploring the wonderful snow castle each time you visit Levi. The 10 000 square meter snow and ice structure comprises of an snow hotel, an snow chapel, an ice bar and an ice and snow art gallery. Energy-friendly led lights are used to create an evocative lighting within the castle.

Offer your guests and yourself a unique experience in the unforgettable Finnish winter. A night at the snow castle, a dinner by the fire in the Lappish hut restaurant, dipping into an outdoor bath after relaxing in our Gnomish sauna truly make your visit a trip to remember.

Adults 15€
Children 8€
Open daily from 10am to 6pm
Other times dinners and saunas available for groups



We offer a wide selection of snow rooms in various sizes, decorated individually with ice sculptures, snow reliefs and lights. The snow hotel offers accommodation for groups of up to approximately 30 people.

The special suite : Our collaboration with Piscina resulted in an exclusive suite with a special heated double bed. The room is especially suited for use as a bridal suite.

Superior rooms: Personalized stylings and individual themes make each of our twin and double rooms unique.

Services included in the room rates:
Check-in at 21:00, check-out at 10:00
A guided tour of the castle
Overnight at a selected suite type and instructions for using the suite
A sleeping bag with a liner
Shower and WC facilities
Breakfast by the fire at the Lappish hut restaurant
A diploma

We have a warm livingroom , open during the night.

In addition to spending the night in our hotel, we can arrange a morning sauna, transportation by car or snowmobile, thermal underwear and wool socks, and, if you wish, we can even pack you a midnight snack.


Start off your event by gathering in the gorgeous Ice Gallery Ice Restaurant. Enjoy a cocktail or some cold appetizers while examining the stunning ice art of the gallery. After the first course is served, it is nice to sit around the fire in the Lappish hut restaurant, and enjoy the rest of the evening. The restaurant is also highly suitable for product launch events and short cocktail parties.

A cocktail party at the castle: EUR 34 per person
Entrance fees, guided tours and appetizers (3 different kinds) are included in the price
Group sizes: min. 25 people, max. 150 people