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Luvattumaa's River Spa is a wonderfully distinct, rejuvenating experience. Built on the bank of a Lappish river, our hot and cold open air baths complement River Spa's traditional sauna. Quiet your mind and open your senses to the peaceful surroundings. In winter, you may further heighten your bathing experience, try our ice sauna. Let its soothingly warm steam open each and every one of your pores, ensuring deep and long-lasting relaxation. The hot and cold baths have been scented with Lappish herbs and a dash of leaves from the small, aromatic birches growing on the nearby fells.

Complete your unforgettable day by enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the Lappish hut restaurant, sampling its savoury delicacies with your friends. The untamed vistas, the element of water and the warm Lappish hospitality make it a night to remember.



Experience the balmy steams of the subterranean Gnomish sauna, and relax body and mind alike by dipping into our exotic open air baths, surrounded by the quiet forest, with northern lights playing above on the starry sky. The hot and cold baths can be scented with Lappish herbs and a dash of birch leaves.

The Gnomish sauna has room for 15 people.

For larger groups, ask for an offer.