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Built on the bank of Ounasjoki, 7 kilometres from the centre of Levi, Luvattumaa offers excellent connections by car, snowmobile and skis. During the winter season, Levi Ice Gallery opens its doors for the public. Our River Spa is open throughout the year, as is the true heart of Luvattumaa - the Lappish hut restaurant. Luvattumaa is a popular ski café as well. We organize themed events with a full range of entertainment choices, both for individuals and for companies.

Luvattumaa stands for: Loosening up, laughter, leisurely dinners, live music, and Lappish charm. Enjoy magical moments in Luvattumaa!


Pekka Jussila
Owner, troubadour, ice sculptor.
Lea Jussila
Chef, sales and marketing