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”Deep within the Lappish wilderness, in Levi's Luvattumaa, tasty treats are stewing. In the warmth of the hearth, the flatbread has been baked, and simmering pots now await the hungry traveller. Bear, the true king of the Nordic woods, has also helped fill the table for our guests. This is how we set our table for our guests.”

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Luvattumaa in Levi SkyView (virtual tour)


Sheltered by the still forest, our restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and delicacies for even the most discerning palate. A lot goes into a delightful dinner: it is all about the people, the surroundings, using local, Lappish ingredients, having well-thought-out menus and, of course, live music, played with skill and cunning by your host Pekka. The fully licensed restaurant seats 100 people.


Start off your event by gathering in the gorgeous Ice Gallery Ice Restaurant. Enjoy a cocktail or some cold appetizers while examining the stunning ice art of the gallery. After the first course is served, it is nice to sit around the fire in the Lappish hut restaurant, and enjoy the rest of the evening. The restaurant is also highly suitable for product launch events and short cocktail parties.

A cocktail party at the castle
Guided tours and appetizers (3 different kinds)
Group sizes: min. 25 people, max. 150 people


During the winter season, Luvattumaa's Lappish hut restaurant serves as a ski café during the day (10-18). The restaurant is only 7 km from Levi - not too much effort on skis, especially if you are planning to join the restaurant's legendary ski boot dance in the spring season. The café offers pancakes, coffee and other hot drinks, or you may sample the soup of the day or pastries straight from the oven.
Welcome, a warm and refreshing cup awaits!