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If you are looking for something special for your corporate event, Luvattumaa is the right place for you. Our staff is relaxed and has a sense of humour. We believe that no idea is too wild. Being out of the way, Luvattumaa offers a fascinating yet peaceful venue with boundless vistas of the Lappish nature. Based on years of experience in customer service, our staff knows exactly how to set a relaxed tone for the evening.

We offer unique entertainment options and group activities that make your experience truly memorable. Ice sculpting, birch leaf baths and live music by a true Lappish troubadour are all experiences you will never forget.


Some years ago, the master of the house, Pekka, became engrossed by the innate beauty of ice. Lucky for you, since now you have the chance to find your inner sculptor as well! Luvattumaa offers you the opportunity to have a crack at working with ice.

Tools and instruction included
Duration: approx. 1 to 2 hours
Minimum group size: 6 people

Are you looking for an unique ice sculpture for an event or for your company? Why not present your company logo in your next corporate event, or set up drinks from a real, truly unique ice bar?


1.1.2017 On Tuesdays from 6 pm..to second day; at 9 am.
The Magical Northern Lights night

Presentations for groups

The Northern Ligts show, including entrance.
0n Thursdays at 10 am.
36€/ person


Natural, relaxed atmosphere, good music and Lappish cuisine - all vital parts of our Lapp-themed social evenings. Learn about the mystical, ancient Lappish culture with its enigmatic shamans by listening to stories by the fire. The high point of the evening is the shamanic ritual, introducing the traveller to the Lappish way of life.


Pekka, the owner and host of Luvattumaa, has had a long career in music. These days he brings out his guitar mostly for dinners, social evenings. Naturally he performs at Luvattumaa's legendary ski boot dance every spring.

Spice up your evening by commissioning the clever troubadour at other venues as well. Pekka performs mostly Finnish popular tunes. You may also suggest a musical theme for the evening.

Pekka has also made several records, available at Luvattumaa.


Our sauna and dinner packages can be expanded with various outdoor activities, including snowmobile, husky and reindeer safaris. Our programme packages are always tailored individually according to customer preferences.

1 ) Snowmobile safaris

Over night safari from Levi center to Levi Ice Gallery
After changed to snowmobile driving gear we head off to north towards Luvattumaa. In Luvattumaa you will have a memorable experience staying over night in the Levi Ice Gallery. Slip into a warm sleeping bag and enjoy the beauty of the ice and the quietness of the snow castle. Your stay at the Levi Ice Gallery starts with a guided tour to snow castle and ends with breakfast served at open fire. After breakfast we drive back to Levi center. What a fantastic way to start a holiday and setting up for the proper Lappish mood!

Snow castle safari
Gunning the snowmobiles, the group takes a trip around the Levi fell and finally arrives to Levi's very own snow castle, Levi ice Gallery. Once there, we take a guided tour of the magnificent snow castle, built by Luvattumaa's very own Pekka Jussila. We'll explore the ice bar, the chapel, the hotel facilities, and the stunning ice sculptures. The visit is concluded with hot drinks and a snack, and a snowmobile trip back to Levi. The safari takes approx. 2 to 3 hours - add a bit of fun between meetings!

2 ) Reindeer and dog sledding

Cut through the still, snow-covered forests and enjoy the speed. Relax in the sauna, and - your appetite properly whetted - enjoy the dinner. The length of the trip depends upon the available time, ranging from a short ride to a longer safari.

3 ) Snow shoe hiking, Alpine curling, Team building
LAdmire the snow-crowned trees and enjoy the nature's silence while savouring the delicious crunch of snow underfoot. As an activity snow shoe hiking is far more effective than walking, and snow shoes allow you to trek through demanding terrain. Depending upon the time available, the snow shoe hike can be a one-hour trip or a long, several-hour hike.
Alpine curling is probably one of the oldest ice games. Researchers have found mentions of Alpine curling being played as far back as in 1427, in the Austrian town of Rattenber in Tyrol. These days, it's played at Levi as well. At Levi, Alpine curling is played either on natural ice or on an even, hard-packed snow surface.
The Team building activities consist of various tasks. Teams walk on paths criss-crossing the wilderness, from one checkpoint to another. All you need is a quick mind, some cunning, accuracy, balance and a bit of strength.